Create sequences across email & social that translate into quality conversations


Salesloop helps you connect more effectively, allowing you to have more high quality conversations

From indiehackers to enterprise sales, Salesloop enables omni-channel sales success.


One-man bands with excellent technical expertise that want to drive more awareness.

SMB's (startups to scaleups)

Who have achieved product fit and want to target specific customers on a budget

Mid-Market to Enterprise

For sales teams targeting multiple stakeholders within a territory

Build accurate and targeted prospect lists

  • Identify geographical & regional targets
  • Filter by the industry that is relevant
  • Select the job titles that you need to reach

Personalise to the Individual

  • Create message campaigns tailored to the prospect
  • Incorporate content to add value & educate
  • Plan an account based strategy across job titles

Schedule Your Outreach Sequence

  • Create outreach messages across Linkedin (with email, Twitter and phone integration coming soon!)
  • Automate sequence unenroll for any prospect replies
  • Orchestrate and personalise for individual personas

Launch Your Outreach Sequence

  • Deliver messages using leading proprietary technology
  • Employ best practice for sales outreach
  • Continuous message sending once campaign is created (no need to keep PC open)

Salesloop has helped my team to automate the mundane task of targeting and connecting with certain sectors with a view of building up our network to educate and further support any commercial requirements as and when they occur

Armand Roux

Sales director, grenke factoring

My LinkedIn connections and profile views have soared. Manually connecting is time-consuming – it’s not a productive use of my time. It is reassuring to know the SalesLoop Team are doing everything to protect my LinkedIn account and being sensible with how they process the connections – I wanted a smart tool to assist me, and I found it. I’ve got genuine relationships now which has initiated more conversations and potentials leads in the future.

Phill Duffy

Director at storism