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Customer FAQ

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Q: Is Salesloop a Chrome extension or is it Cloud based?

Salesloop is cloud-based – no browser extension is required.

Q:  I have Two-Step Authentication (TFA, MFA, or 2FA) set-up on my LinkedIn account. Do I need to disable this before connecting to your platform?

Salesloop currently can’t connect to accounts when TFA or MFA is enabled. It is only necessary to disable 2FA/TFA for the short time during account validation.

LinkedIn Campaigns

Q: I’ve started a new campaign but nothing seems to be happening with it? No connections sent etc.

This is intentional, Salesloop queues the messages sent in batches and simulates human behaviour, while following strict LinkedIn connection requests limits. Seemingly it may look like nothing is happening, but there’s work scheduled to be done in the background. Check back in a few hours and you should see some progress.

Q: I notice that some connection invites have been accepted but the follow up message has not gone out yet?

There are several safety checks to avoid double-posting of the follow-up message and prevent exceeding the LinkedIn limits, and one of these safety checks didn’t pass at the time of preparing the follow up message. This resulted in Salesloop ceasing to send the follow-up message. In such a case when this happens it’s safe for you to follow-up with the connection manually, Salesloop will not post any more messages to the user.

Q: Do campaigns stop after the first page on a standard LinkedIn search?

The campaign will automatically navigate to subsequent search pages, and will add the profiles found on each page to the campaign.

Q: Can we have multiple campaigns working at the same time?

There can be 1 (one) active campaign at any given time per LinkedIn account. You can setup multiple campaigns, and activate/pause them as you need – the connections sent limit will not be breached either way since LinkedIn limits are aggregated per LinkedIn account.

Q: How many connection invites go out per day?

Depending on whether you have a Sales Navigator subscription or not, the number of outgoing connection requests is either 80-100 per day with Sales Navigator, or 40-50 connection requests per day with a regular LinkedIn account.

Q: how many leads can I send invites out to each month?

With Sales Navigator subscription, the limit is around 90-100 invites per day, so it’s around 3000 invites per month. With a regular LinkedIn account, it’s roughly half the amount.

Sales Navigator

Q: Do I need a Sales Navigator for it to function?

You don’t need Sales Navigator. If you scroll down this page https://www.salesloop.io/support/ you’ll find some videos that explain how you can create campaigns with regular LinkedIn search as well as with Sales Navigator.

Q: How many connection invites go out per day if I have Sales Navigator?

With Sales Navigator subscription the number of outgoing connection requests is either 80-100 per day.

Plans and Pricing

Q:Is the price 39$/month per user?

It is the price for the Solo plan, where 1 LinkedIn account can be connected. We also offer Team plan where 6 accounts can be connected, which is also reflected in the price.

Q: Is support and service included in the price?

Yes, it is – we are available on Europe time, and always try to get back asap.

Q: I’m trying to understand how I can add additional accounts and run campaigns from those accounts?

Please go to https://app.salesloop.io/app/validate-account and validate additional LinkedIn credentials. You will see the accounts added on that page once successfully validated. Then you will be able to pick from your linked accounts during campaign setup.


Q: What is Leaderfeeder?

Leadfeeder is a system that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in. https://www.leadfeeder.com/

You can automatically send connection requests to ideal buyer personas working for the companies that visit your website.

Q: Can I export the leads from my campaign?

Yes, you can export the leads by clicking “Download” button which you can access by clicking “Campaign Details” panel on top of the campaign detail.

Q: Is it possible to integrate the system with HubSpot CRM?

Currently we don’t have native integration with CRM applications. We’re evaluating integrating with CRMs using Zapier.

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